245 Esten Ave Pawtucket RI | 401.724.4474
Hours: Mon-Fri: 6:45am-6:30pm, Sat & Sun: By appointment

Dog Daycare the best in Rhode Island at Ocean Dog Club.

Dog Daycare

Ocean Dog Club Dog Daycare offers socializing, exercise and lots of attention from our dog daycare coaches. All the pups will be able to play and socialize. Spending time in dog daycare will also help eliminate unwanted behaviors that can occur when they are home alone, such as chewing, and barking. Ocean Dog Club is a great place for dogs with lots of energy, dogs that don’t like to be alone, or older pups that need more attention.

We can also provide other services during the day, such as medications, lunch (you can bring your own), cut nails, baths, or other special needs.

When can my Dog start at ODC?

All pups in dog daycare will need to pass our screening process to be sure that all will be happy and safe while they play. This allows us to place dogs in the appropriate play group.  The pups are separated by  temperament, play style and size. Your dogs are never left unattended, there is always a dog daycare coach watching over them.  We maintain a ratio of 1 coach for every 10-15 dogs.

To set up an appointment  just fill out the application have your veterinarian send us the necessary information and call to set a time.

Puppies: All pups over four months of age with all their vaccinations will be allowed to join the puppy play groups. Some may be allowed to play with adult dogs, this will be determined after the screening process.

Adult Dogs: All dogs over the age of seven months will need to be neutered / spayed and have all their vaccinations.