245 Esten Ave Pawtucket RI | 401.724.4474
Hours: Mon-Fri: 6:45am-6:30pm, Sat & Sun: By appointment

Dog daycare services in Providence, Rhode Island from Ocean Dog Club


Ocean Dog Club the newest (and greenest) club in New England for you and your pup!

If you have a question, email us at info@oceandogclub.com.

How are the dogs placed into playgroups?

All dogs are temperment tested.  They are then placed in groups based on temperment, play style and size.  We have three indoor play areas. and Outside we have 2 separate play yards. The dogs are placed in play groups by size temperament and play style.

How many dog daycare coaches are with the dogs?

We maintain a ratio of 12-15 dogs per coach, at the minimum.  At times there may be more coaches in with the dogs, this is based on need and the activity and temperment of that group of dogs.

What do the dogs do during the day?

A typical day of fun @ ODC...

Rover arrives between 6:45 am & 9:30 (ish) they play in the playroom with their friends and the dog coaches.  They have balls, tug of war or just a good game of chase. Depending on the weather they will go outside...for a swim, a romp in the snow, or more chase.  

At noon they retire to the Cabana room for naps, soft music and quiet time so they can relax and recharge for the afternoon of play.  

After nap time, they head directly to the outside play areas for some stretching and business.  All the pups play all afternoon, until their persons pick them up before 6:30pm....then they usually go home and sleep!....

A tired dog is a happy dog!